Creative Ways to Encourage Garbage Disposal and Recycling in Schools

Garbage removal in schools can be a nightmare for garbage removal companies, particularly during event days such as sports days. In most cases, students do not follow garbage disposal rules, and it results in garbage littered all over the compound. When garbage collection and removal becomes difficult, then it undermines an institution's recycling programs. While schools can implement measures to encourage garbage collection and recycling, garbage removal companies should help in this area. This article highlights tips on how garbage removal companies can make collection and recycling easy for schools.

Make Garbage Disposal Interesting -- Plain garbage disposal bins like those found in schools make garbage disposal boring. It is the reason why some students do not bother to pick waste that does not fall into garbage bins. Consequently, garbage removal companies are forced to collect waste from the ground. Not only does this take time, but it also reduces the quantity of recyclable waste collected. Garbage removal companies can change this by supplying garbage disposal bins that make waste disposal enjoyable. It goes a long way towards enhancing a school's recycling programs. For instance, students are more likely to use garbage bins equipped with basketball hoops than those without. The former design turns garbage disposal into a competitive activity, and students will keep tossing waste through the hoops until they are successful. It ensures that all recyclable waste ends up in bins.

Make Recycling Bins from Recycled Bottles -- One of the best ways to encourage students to collect recyclable waste is to use recycled garbage bins. While schools can buy such bins from a store, there is a better alternative. Garbage removal service providers can play an educative role by teaching students how to make recycling trash bins from recycled bottles. Getting the students directly involved in the process encourages them to use the bins they have made, consequently improving their school's recycling program.

Sponsor a Composting Program -- Schools that offer meals to students should only use fresh produce, and this is possible if the school grows its vegetables. Composting provides an excellent opportunity for this to happen, but most composting programs in schools are small scale. Garbage disposal companies can help sponsor such programs by teaching students the latest composting methods. Another way to encourage composting is to sponsor composting competitions where schools compete on how to make the best compost with the rubbish they collect. You can plan tours to recycling companies or biogas production firms to winners of composting programs as a way to instil recycling behaviours in students.

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