Garden Waste and Skip Bins: a Few Things to Consider

Skip bins represent the opportunity to get rid of practically anything you no longer want or need. Practically is an important keyword here, since just as with your standard household rubbish collection, not everything can be disposed of in a skip bin. Toxic materials, commercial building waste—these are the types of things that cannot be disposed of in your household rubbish.

There are many other things as well, although the regulations can vary depending on where you live. It's the same with skip bins in that not everything can be placed inside for removal. This might pose a problem when, in addition to the items inside your home, you also need to get rid of garden waste from the outside of your home. Is a skip bin company going to accept your garden waste?


Just like the rubbish collection restrictions imposed by your local city council, your skip bin provider is likely to have their own restrictions when it comes to what can be disposed of in their bin. Garden waste can often be permitted, but this is not always a given, and there might be some limits.


You might be disposing of old furniture in the skip bin, and once the waste is sorted, these items will likely be earmarked for reuse and recycling. The same can be true with large pieces of wood, so any branches might be acceptable. These are, after all, simply pieces of wood that can be put to further use. If possible, break the branches into smaller pieces so as to maximise the available space in the bin. Loose branches and foliage hanging over the rim of the bin might lead to the bin being considered to be overfull.

Garden Waste and Soil

Garden waste such as mulch and plant waste might be another story. A skip bin company might suggest that such items are placed into a durable plastic bag so as not to contaminate any recyclable items in the bin. Animal waste should not be placed inside the bin. Soil might be permitted, although you should check to see if you reside within a fire ant biosecurity zone, since this can mean it's not permitted to transport soil out of the zone.

Each skip bin company will have its own regulations, so it might be a case of ensuring that the garden waste you wish to dispose of will be permitted before actually renting the bin.