A House Too Full to Downsize

Getting older is not easy.  As you age and begin to lose your mobility, the reality of staying in a large family home becomes more and more unmanageable.  A family home may have seemed small when full of kids, but once the children have moved out there can be a great deal of empty space created.  This space often becomes a place to store things, and before long it can turn into an unreasonable amount to deal with.  Downsizing becomes intimidating, while taking care of a large house and property becomes increasingly difficult.

No matter how out of control things may have become, or how embarrassing it may seem, there are many resources available..  A professional disposal and cleaning company is well equipped to come and help, often with minimal need for direction.  They can assist in finding, labelling and tagging key items to keep, throw items for disposal in a skip, and sort the rest into manageable, tidy amounts you can tackle with or without them.  If need be, they can take care of skip rentals and recycling bin rentals to keep the process coordinated with prompt removal.

The first step is to identify all major items you want to keep, and what you want to throw away.  This includes furniture, art work, kitchenware and any other furnishings you may have in the house.  The cleanup company can then begin to clear out garbage and clean.  Companies that deal with estate cleanup and hoarding are experienced with all levels of cleanliness or filth, and are willing to help you decide item by item what to keep, what to donate and what to put in the skip for removal if you need this level of help.  They will remain non-judgemental and neutral, this is all in a day's work to them.

Regardless of who you choose to help you clean up and downsize, it is important to remove any and all trash as soon as possible.  Renting a skip bin that can stay on the property until it needs to be picked up helps keep things tidy, and can prevent the temptation to take items out of the garbage and back into the house.  Large recycling bins can be rented to deal with paper and other recyclables, reducing the cost of waste disposal.  When there are several people involved, that are non-judgemental and there to help, a property can be cleaned and returned to good living conditions in a remarkably short amount of time.